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Two key points of Search Engine Optimization meet in Social Media Marketing: the importance of both original content and links. Popular social media sites offer high ranking profiles, which can be great for brand visibility in search engine results. With over 900 million users on Facebook, and over 555 million on Twitter, having a social presence has become more important than ever. Brands can promote quality customer interaction and engagement while getting the latest news out to both loyal and potential customers alike. For social media to be an effective form of marketing for your company, it is absolutely essential to be informed. Decide on a strategy before diving in. Building social profiles and then abandoning them won’t be enough.

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Sites like Facebook and Twitter continue to evolve, and there are many ways a company can employ them to deliver a message, manage your reputation, or encourage brand loyalty. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to help you combine social media, SEO and other strategies to present the best image possible and help clients become a real part of your community.

Ts Social Media Marketing Strategies Include:
  • Profile Management
  • Training
  • Content Development/Copywriting
  • Blog Marketing
  • Social Media App Development
  • Multivariate Testing
  • Reporting/KPIs

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