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Grow your traffic, leads, customers, revenue, & business with Texas SEO’s digital inbound marketing services. We are a company dedicated to your success. Texas SEO believes to succeed today, it takes inbound and outbound marketing to build a truly effective demand generation engine for your business.

What Is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing refers to marketing activities that bring visitors in, rather than marketers having to go out to get prospects’ attention. Inbound marketing earns the attention of customers, makes the company easy to be found, and draws customers to the website by producing interesting content.


Inbound Marketing Starts With Buyer Personas – Which one are You?

Persona 1: Agency Alex

Internal Notes

Roles: Marketer, CEO, Father, Entrepreneur, Husband

Goals: Increase revenue, Build awareness for brand, support his employees.

Challenges: Not good at lead generation, don’t yet understand how to develop a content marketing strategy, lack of resources.


Age: 40 to 60

Income: $150,000 to $300,000

Education: College degree

Location: Urban

Story: Alex looks to his peers and industry blogs for information. In his spare time, he reads and spends time with is family. he also likes to attend industry conferences.

Persona 2: Consultant Cathy

Internal Notes

Roles: Marketer, Entrepreneur, Spouse, Parent

Goals: Attract more clients, achieve balance in life, learn how to transition to retainer fee in come model.

Challenges: Too much work to do, not enough resources, not enough time, clients are too small.


Age: 30 to 45

Income: $50k to $100k

Education: College

Location: Urban

Persona 3: Small Business Owner Sam

Internal Notes

Roles: Entrepreneur, Marketer, Spouse, Parent

Goals: Increase revenue, attract more customers, increase website traffic, generate more leads.

Challenges: Too much to do, not enough time, lack expertise, lack budget


Persona 4: VP of Strategy Vic

Internal Notes

Roles: Marketer, Executive, Spouse, Parent

Goals: Increase marketing spend ROI, Make themselves look god, Get a promotion.

Challenges: Too much to do, constrained resources, difficulty persuading team to buy in.

Why Is Blogging Important With Inbound Marketing?

Blogging meets your prospects while they are; your prospects are in need of information. Your prospects are on a constant search for information; looking for professionals they can trust. Buyers find information through search engines such as Google as well as social media outlets such as LinkedIN and Facebook. The goal is to catch the potential prospect in a receptive state of mind. We do this by blogging and social sharing.


After the prospect gets their question answered through let’s say; your blog, we will then promote a “premium content offer” that will go into greater detail regarding the original subject that brought them to your website through social or search. We offer a “premium content offer” for free of course in exchange for a few contact details about the prospect such as a simple web form collecting their name and email address.


What Texas SEO’s Inbound Marking Services Offer Our Clients

Through consulting, services, and software solutions; we offer our clients a means to turn their website visitors into engaged and active leads and eventually into paying customers. It all starts with getting targeted traffic to your website. That is how we grow your business. Our claim to grow your business starts with traffic to your website, turning that traffic into leads with premium content offers, and the back end automation solutions to make it all work together.

With Texas SEO we value quality content and awesome writers who understand that inbound marketing drives business growth. We fully understand as an inbound marketing company that content is our greatest asset.


How do we measure success?

The inbound marketing process as a whole relies heavily on Hubspot. Hubspot will give us the opportunity to measure the results of our work.


What does the inbound marketing process look like?

Our clients work with us in the following way:

  1. We provide a blueprint for your content strategy.
  2. We build out the first few months of content. Each month normally consists of one complete content marketing campaign.
  3. We continue to rinse and repeat this process 1 month at a time on a retainer basis. Each month is equal to 1 complete content marketing campaign.


Is every inbound marketing blog post planned?

In Short: YES! We believe Ben F. said it best: “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”

Every post we publish with in our blueprint is always part of a series of posts relating to 1 piece of “premium” content. Each blog posts (usually 8 total) is of or relating to our premium content offer. Within each of those 8 blog posts, each post will be focused on promoting one part of one campaign.


How do you come up with topics for my inbound marketing campaign?

Each blog topic is constructed using this formula: Buyer Question + Expert Answer + Trending Topics = Blog Title.

Monthly blog calendar topics are contrived by best practices that provide a solution to a problem.

 Example Month 1 Blog Titles to answer questions around:

Increase website traffic and capture more leads!

  • 15 Features Every Great Website Needs
  • 10 Creative Ways to Get More Website Traffic
  • 6 Tips About Search Engine Optimization you Need to Know
  • Fascinating Blog Marketing Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow
  • Warning: These 6 Mistakes Will Destroy Your Content Creation
  • Boost Your Landing Pages With These Tips
  • Expert Interview: how to Handle Prospects at the Bottom of Your Sales Funnel
  • Facebook & LinkedIN Ads: Do You Really Need Them?


When writing a post, we keep in mind that the primary goal of each post in to install the desire to download the “premium” content offer as that is how we, and You will capture leads from our websites. 


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