Marketing your local business on the Internet isn’t something you can ignore any more- have you seen the Yellow Pages shrinking over the last decade? That’s happening because people are searching the web to find products and services. You need to be there too- but you’re short on three things: money, time and budget. You’re

Overall Ranking Factors My Business Signals (14.7%) (Categories, Keyword in Business Title, Proximity, etc.) External Loc. Signals (15.5%) (IYP/aggregator NAP consistency, Citation Volume, etc.) On-page Signals (21.0%) (Presence of NAP, Keywords in Titles, Domain authority, etc.) Link Signals (18.3%) (Inbound anchor text, Linking domain authority, Linking domain quantity, etc.) Review Signals (9.8%) (Review quantity, Review

Why should your small business care about SEO? If you own a small business; you don’t necessarily  have to compete with the big dogs, right? Maybe, but you definitely have to compete with other small businesses, especially locally. This is where an investment into SEO can make worlds of difference for your business and your

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Google Penguin 3.0 update got you under water? What Google’s latest refresh in their Algorithm means for you and your business, and how to get your head above water. There are a select few of you (such as our clients) that were positively affected by these Google Updates, for the potential clients reading – please

If you are a first time website owner who wanted to gain rankings in the search engines then you may have read a few articles or blogs and felt inspired to do SEO on your own. Maybe you tried for a few months or more and found that no matter what you did your rankings

Ranking a Keyword

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Online marketing is a must if you are a business with website. With so many businesses online ranking a keyword can be a super competitive task to take on. Here are some beginner steps that you can take to make sure that your website gets ranked for the keywords you want. On-Page Optimization If you

You have a website that was doing pretty good for a while, so you invested more in your SEO campaign and then Google hits you with a penalty. Your rankings have dropped and now you think it’s best to hang up your SEO hat once and for all. Chances are that if you began to

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I hear it often from small business owners about how they don’t need to invest in Internet marketing and it wouldn’t be worth their time. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you are a small business owner then you are a prime candidate for, at the very least, a local search marketing campaign.

Venice Update

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If you have a business with multiple locations or if you have one location but service multiple cities then are you optimizing or have you optimized for the Venice update? The Venice update has changed the way in which results for broad search queries are brought up in that they have localized them. So, if

Phase 2: Offsite – Foundational Local Listings Validated & Optimized (by hand,  in the USA, in our office) *the end result of a phase II Local SEO campaign is to set in place a solid foundation for your future sustained growth in the search engines. This phase can also be called a “visibility campaign”. Localeze: