SEO Analysis: You Need One.

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Why should you look into an SEO analysis for you website? If you understand basic business principles then you know you have to get an edge over you competition. This is where an investment into SEO can make worlds of difference for your business and your ROI.   SEO is crucial. These are fundamental steps you

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Are you ready to optimize your web presence? Do you want to rocket your business or service into internet marketing bliss. There are rules to play by when creating a successful SEO campaign. Google alone has thousands of factors by which they rank websites. These factors are based on the idea that the right content

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  If you are a blogger then regularly updating your blog is probably a no-brainer, but if you own another type of website then the idea of having and updating your blog on your site might seem like a foreign idea. You might be thinking that your customers aren’t interested or that you don’t have

  Recently the large guest blogging community My Blog Guest was penalized by Google as part of their campaign to crackdown on spammy content. When this story broke forums and social media sites began to explode with outrage. This happened mostly because people were scared and afraid of what this meant for their content marketing

Matt Cutts describes “what is a paid link” in his video on youtube. Matt and Google sides with the FTC. Transcript of his video below: 0:00 0:00 Hi, everybody. 0:01 Today I wanted to talk about paid links, and specifically, 0:04 what are the Web Spam Team’s criteria for paid links? 0:09 Now, this is

You may have read our post on “How To Choose The Right SEO Company” on Search Engine Journal, but today we are going to talk about how to partner with the right Digital Marketing Agency for your business.  Choosing a digital marketing agency is a complicated process, with many options available. Today we are going

First things first. Learn how to get into the Google Glass Explorer Program here. Check out the Google Glass GOOOGLE+ Page here. Watch this video for Custom Google Glass Eyeware samples.   See these custom “TEXAS SEO” (Dallas SEO Style Coming Soon)Google Glass branded Eyeware below: Now, let’s get down to business. Will Google Glass

Dallas SEO Title tag revisions Meta description revisions Alt tag revisions Sitespeed integration Google webmaster tools errors check XML Sitemap revisions HTML sitemap revisions non www. to www. 301 redirect Clean, short, descriptive URL’s Internal in-content links

In case you haven’t caught on, the new SEO of 2013 must consist of the following: Creative content Links the majority of your competition are not getting (exact domains) Social signals and shares Rule #1: Create creative content that will or “may” spark someone to… Rule #2: Get links back to your on-page and off-page

Tired of trying to find the right SEO company for your business, and can’t seem to get the right feeling in your gut telling you to move forward? The Bottom Line is this: Choose an SEO Company that offers solid in-depth reporting on what they do. They will have references, and you can contact them.