In order to discuss moving the dial with curated content, we have to define curated content, and we have to define ‘moving the dial’. Just as an Art Museum’s director curates paintings, so can you curate content! Curated Content is a list of links, or an RSS or Twitter feed of content that would appeal

SEO in 2016: Where are we headed

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In many ways, SEO in 2016 is a continuing evolution of what SEO has always been- how to present a marketing message in a way that Google thinks is a good, informative and easily accessible manner for the User. As you already know if you’re reading this article, SEO is the ultimate moving target. The

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Let’s face it- SEO still doesn’t have a great reputation. As SEO professionals, we’re still fighting the vestiges of the bad old days, when SEO meant reverse engineering and cracking algorithms or engineering blog networks and buying links to manipulate Google’s algorithms. A lot of these tactics persist today- there’s a lot of noise versus

You’ve put in the time researching the competition. You’ve done exhaustive keyword research. You’ve got a content calendar ready to go, and you’ve assigned responsibility for executing the campaign. How do you get the rest of the organization to buy in? SEO is a complicated mix of both art and science that can be instantly

Inbound marketing is important to every business because you waste less time presenting your message to those that aren’t interested. Imagine that you own a sandwich shop and you pay a sign spinning guy $15 an hour to spin the sign at the curb out on the street to get people to come in and

First off , a definition: Panda is an ongoing series of updates to Google’s organic search ranking algorithm designed to weed out “thin” sites from the search results. (Trivia note– it was named after Google engineer Navneet Panda.) In typical Google fashion, the guidelines for “thin” content are a little obscure and volumes have been

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A Top Level Domain is one of the domains at the highest level of the Domain Name System (DNS) of the Internet. These include the familiar examples you are used to such as .com, .org, .net and .edu, as well as new ones such as .guru, .coke or .how. (Here’s a list of the new

  Search Engine Ranking Factors Survey Moz’s 2015 Search Engine Ranking Factors presents survey data from over 150 marketing professionals specializing in Search Engine Optimization. Their answers provide insight into the inner workings of the search marketing both now and in the future. The following data represents the opinions of our respondents of the various

Ranking on YouTube- The World’s 2nd Largest Search Marketing Opportunity YouTube provides lots of ways to optimize videos that are simple even for novice Users. It’s a bonus if you’re used to optimizing pages for Google SERPs as well- the YouTube SERP looks very similar to the Google SERP. By taking a few simple steps

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Overall Ranking Factors My Business Signals (14.7%) (Categories, Keyword in Business Title, Proximity, etc.) External Loc. Signals (15.5%) (IYP/aggregator NAP consistency, Citation Volume, etc.) On-page Signals (21.0%) (Presence of NAP, Keywords in Titles, Domain authority, etc.) Link Signals (18.3%) (Inbound anchor text, Linking domain authority, Linking domain quantity, etc.) Review Signals (9.8%) (Review quantity, Review