Facebook ads are a useful promotional channel for almost every business. They can help drive sales, acquire leads, raise brand awareness, encourage customer engagement, and more. Facebook’s biggest strength is what it knows about its Users- they know what Users like, who they are friends with, what shows they watch and brands they follow-

Getting new business can be one of the hardest parts of running an SEO agency. Read now to find out how to get high quality referrals from happy clients. Client Referrals Here are some tips on how to get satisfied clients to give you referrals, which help prove your authority and grow your business. As

Connecting with an online influencer gets you in front of millions, but be delicate. Learn more about influencer outreach now, then call 888 988 9736. Influencer Outreach Influencer outreach is not a quick fix for your marketing (or for SEO), but it is a good way to acquire new customers. The basic idea is that

Are Infographics still a useful marketing strategy? Explore the ins and outs here, then call Texas SEO for a consultation at 888 988 9736   Infographics     Infographics tend to fall in and out of favor with search marketers and SEO companies, for a while they were being exploited with embedded back links and so

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As the mobile web becomes ubiquitous, speed and seamlessness are being rewarded by search engine algorithms. Read how to accelerate content delivery with AMP. Accelerated Mobile Pages   Now that everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, Google and the other search engines have ramped up the importance of a User-friendly mobile experience. More than

Surely you’ve heard by now that Google has eliminated right side ads for Search Engine Results Pages on the desktop- if not, we hope that rock you’re living under is comfortable! All joking aside, this is a major change, the biggest in years, perhaps, and will have a marked effect on marketing budgets and strategies

RANK BRAIN– ooh, scary! Sounds like a bad 50’s sci-fi movie title, right? IT CAME FROM GOOGLE….however, RankBrain is nothing to be scared of. If you’ve been following the principles of SEO and doing things the right way, RankBrain is going to be a relatively minor transition. First off, let’s define it- RankBrain is part

Red Flags Much of the agency model nowadays for SEO and Internet Marketing is predicated on getting the actual key-punching work done overseas in India, Iraq, Russia or the Philippines, and then having US-based customer service/account representatives to “handle” clients. If a proposal seems like it’s too good to be true, or like it’s too

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Installing the Yoast Plugin for WordPress isn’t SEO First off, let’s make it clear that we think that Yoast makes a great SEO plugin. It does a great job of traditional onsite technical SEO, and is in a small way, a middling substitute for an in-house SEO- but only to a point. Remember, SEO  isn’t

Enterprise-level Internet marketing is a different animal than a local or small business campaign. It requires a different skill set, beyond the ability to crank out deliverables in the name of increasing your SEO footprint or optimizing content and code- the agency that serves an enterprise-level account needs to be able to interface with many