Surely you’ve heard by now that Google has eliminated right side ads for Search Engine Results Pages on the desktop- if not, we hope that rock you’re living under is comfortable! All joking aside, this is a major change, the biggest in years, perhaps, and will have a marked effect on marketing budgets and strategies

RANK BRAIN– ooh, scary! Sounds like a bad 50’s sci-fi movie title, right? IT CAME FROM GOOGLE….however, RankBrain is nothing to be scared of. If you’ve been following the principles of SEO and doing things the right way, RankBrain is going to be a relatively minor transition. First off, let’s define it- RankBrain is part

Red Flags Much of the agency model nowadays for SEO and Internet Marketing is predicated on getting the actual key-punching work done overseas in India, Iraq, Russia or the Philippines, and then having US-based customer service/account representatives to “handle” clients. If a proposal seems like it’s too good to be true, or like it’s too

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Installing the Yoast Plugin for WordPress isn’t SEO First off, let’s make it clear that we think that Yoast makes a great SEO plugin. It does a great job of traditional onsite technical SEO, and is in a small way, a middling substitute for an in-house SEO- but only to a point. Remember, SEO  isn’t

Enterprise-level Internet marketing is a different animal than a local or small business campaign. It requires a different skill set, beyond the ability to crank out deliverables in the name of increasing your SEO footprint or optimizing content and code- the agency that serves an enterprise-level account needs to be able to interface with many

Marketing your local business on the Internet isn’t something you can ignore any more- have you seen the Yellow Pages shrinking over the last decade? That’s happening because people are searching the web to find products and services. You need to be there too- but you’re short on three things: money, time and budget. You’re

The Buyer’s Journey is the typical process by which a consumer comes to a decision to purchase a product or service. It consists of 3 distinct phases: Awareness, Consideration and Decision. By using different Search Engine Optimization strategies, it’s possible to deliver content to buyers that’s distinct for each phase of the Journey.   For

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Whenever a potential customer decides to purchase a product or service, there are 3 stages said customer goes through: Awareness, Consideration and Decision. During the Awareness stage, the customer becomes aware of the fact that they have a need, and begins researching how to take care of that need. Then, in the Consideration phase, the

In order to discuss moving the dial with curated content, we have to define curated content, and we have to define ‘moving the dial’. Just as an Art Museum’s director curates paintings, so can you curate content! Curated Content is a list of links, or an RSS or Twitter feed of content that would appeal

SEO in 2016: Where are we headed

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In many ways, SEO in 2016 is a continuing evolution of what SEO has always been- how to present a marketing message in a way that Google thinks is a good, informative and easily accessible manner for the User. As you already know if you’re reading this article, SEO is the ultimate moving target. The

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