Originally Published By: https://www.advertisemint.com/how-to-assign-an-agency-to-your-facebook-business-manager-ad-account/ Because Facebook wants individuals to use their personal accounts for advertising, it created Business Manager as a way to assign multiple employees and/or agencies to each of your companies’ assets (Fan Pages or Ad Accounts) on Facebook. Once you have your Facebook ad account set up through business manager, you may want to assign an agency to

The U.S. Local Search Ecosystem 2017  

Can you trust a robot to do your ecommerce marketing?   If you ask Shopify, they’d introduce you to your supposedly new best friend, Kit. Launched back in 2014, Kit is a virtual marketing assistant and Shopify app that is geared towards marketing your ecommerce site. Yes, it does the dirty work of running your

We’ve already come to terms with the fact that keywords are a fundamental element in any online business enterprise. Regardless if you are profiting from a blog or are providing services through a company website, or running an ecommerce site, it is through keywords that you are able to instantly connect to your market. This

  1. Make sure you write compelling titles- but don’t give away the farm! The idea is to make sure that people click through, not to give them the information right in the headline.   Good Title Vs. Bad Title Good Title: Who won game 7 of the NBA Finals? Click through for the box

You may be wondering whether to promote your brand or business on Google, with PPC advertising, or on Facebook. As with many questions in the Internet Marketing world, the answer lies in what you are hoping to accomplish. Both platforms have clear advantages and disadvantages, so let’s examine them head to head. Facebook has more

  Facebook ads are a useful promotional channel for almost every business. They can help drive sales, acquire leads, raise brand awareness, encourage customer engagement, and more. Facebook’s biggest strength is what it knows about its Users- they know what Users like, who they are friends with, what shows they watch and brands they follow-

Getting new business can be one of the hardest parts of running an SEO agency. Read now to find out how to get high quality referrals from happy clients. Client Referrals Here are some tips on how to get satisfied clients to give you referrals, which help prove your authority and grow your business. As

Connecting with an online influencer gets you in front of millions, but be delicate. Learn more about influencer outreach now, then call 888 988 9736. Influencer Outreach Influencer outreach is not a quick fix for your marketing (or for SEO), but it is a good way to acquire new customers. The basic idea is that

Are Infographics still a useful marketing strategy? Explore the ins and outs here, then call Texas SEO for a consultation at 888 988 9736   Infographics     Infographics tend to fall in and out of favor with search marketers and SEO companies, for a while they were being exploited with embedded back links and so

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