SEO Analysis: You Need One.

Thursday, 16 April 2015 by

Why should you look into an SEO analysis for you website? If you understand basic business principles then you know you have to get an edge over you competition. This is where an investment into SEO can make worlds of difference for your business and your ROI.   SEO is crucial. These are fundamental steps you

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Reputation management is a strategy in which all of your online assets are identified and dealt with. Your reputation and credibility is important; especially online. There are so many forces that can put your brand in bad light. Also, developing a reputation strategy can give you insight on new ways to increase your brand awareness.

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Does link building really matter? Backlinks matter which means links matter. As long as backlinks matter, naturally, so will links. Before Google’s Penguin update in 2012, anchor text was one of the top ways the relevancy of a given website was graded. Up until 2014, this was how Google penalized for spam and over-optimization. This

A Quick Brand Personality Exercise     Feel free to print this page, sit down, and spend a few minutes thinking about where your company falls between the below descriptors. You can download the Brand Personality Exercise Example Questionnaire Here.    Mark the location where you feel your company falls along the spectrum. Don’t over

Pay per click (PPC) is the best way to advertise to a target audience. This increases  your exposure and drives traffic to your website. Depending on your budget and goals PPC are a key part to most any SEO campaign. These ads appear in search engine results and also in any partner or display network sites as

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Are you ready to optimize your web presence? Do you want to rocket your business or service into internet marketing bliss. There are rules to play by when creating a successful SEO campaign. Google alone has thousands of factors by which they rank websites. These factors are based on the idea that the right content

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Common SEO mistakes

Monday, 23 February 2015 by

So, you’ve done some research and you’ve decided to tackle your own SEO campaign. After all, the internet is teeming with do-it-yourself quick tips on anything you can imagine. Maybe you’ve gone this route and found that no matter what you do your search rankings are pitiful. In this article we will examine some common SEO

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Why Texas SEO?

Friday, 20 February 2015 by

Why Should you Hire Texas SEO?   As a business you are held accountable for every dollar you spend. If you are not seeing an acceptable ROI then you are failing. Texas SEO can make huge impacts on the promotion of your product or service. Do not strike a deal with the first company that

A Practical Content Creation Guide

Thursday, 19 February 2015 by

No matter what kind of business you have is there is one thing that is crucial to your marketing strategy: Content. You have to decide who your market is and what you are going to say to them to get their business. Whether it’s on your website, social media, online advertisement, or a billboard, you

Link Building: Time Is Money

Wednesday, 18 February 2015 by

Crucial For Any SEO Campaign. It has become commonplace in our office to turn down business. We used to happily accept anyone with any budget with their SEO needs. This included link building. However, as we matured we quickly realized that some jobs just take a lot of time and money. This especially rings true with

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