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It seems like the big dogs have all the resources. The big brands have big bucks, big ads, fancy web sites, souped up social media, and boosted recognition. National brands have national budgets. It is easy to think, “why would I want to compete with that? I’m just a small local business anyway.” Before you

What is Inbound Marketing?

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In the not-so-distant past, there was a much different process to promoting one’s company: purchasing advertisements, sending press releases, buying e-mail lists, wishing, hoping and praying for leads. This is what we call outbound marketing. There is a new method worth looking into. Inbound Marketing Inbound marketing is a way of gaining new viewership, clients

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Communication is Key Have you ever found yourself at odds with someone over a misunderstanding, or simply “out of the the loop” based on poor communication? I know I have. In fact, it may be safe assume that many of life’s problems come from poor communication. Based on the this idea, TexaSEO has worked hard

multi channel funnels in google analytics

    0:04 Google Analytics 0:05 Multi-Channel Funnels 0:08 When someone visits your site and buys something, or completes another important 0:12 action, it’s called a conversion. 0:14 In Google Analytics, 0:16 a conversion is typically credited to the last action the visitor took. 0:20 Such as the search, 0:24 referral, 0:26 or ad clicked

January 24th, 2013 – Posted by Pancham Prashar: Invest in building filthy rich user experience, consistently and throughout your store. That is what stores with deeper pockets (like ASOS, Zappos & JCPenney) do to achieve better conversion rate than your store. This article will take you away from usual Search Engine Optimization stuff to

google penguin 3

Google Penguin 3.0 update got you under water? What Google’s latest refresh in their Algorithm means for you and your business, and how to get your head above water. There are a select few of you (such as our clients) that were positively affected by these Google Updates, for the potential clients reading – please

google pigeon update

Image courtesy of Mike_UK   Google Pigeon Update – What does it mean for you? 1. Local Listings (7 Pack) disappeared for a huge amount of keywords. 2. Listings shifting more towards “authority” 3. Local directories as well as YELP are seen to have had boosts in rankings 4. Get listed in the local carousel

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  Whether you are a photographer or a plumber, having a frequently updated blog for your business is crucial to succeeding in search engine results pages. When your website succeeds  then your business succeeds. So how does a blog help you to rank better in rankings and what other benefits are there for blogging. Read

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If you are a first time website owner who wanted to gain rankings in the search engines then you may have read a few articles or blogs and felt inspired to do SEO on your own. Maybe you tried for a few months or more and found that no matter what you did your rankings


Social media marketing is growing exponentially everyday and if your business is not taking part of this marketing venture then you could be missing out big time. Aside from helping your rankings to increase in the search engines, social media helps your business to connect and interact with customers past, present and future. Some Social